The Jungle Diaries: Week 2


The number of mosquitos sure hasn´t declined but the fun and rain have doubled.


Monkeys: The monkeys are still adorable. Working with them is the highlight of my day. My favourite memories this week include feeding a baby monkey a bottle of milk, having a monkey lay back and relax in my arms, and hearing a baby monkey howl for the first time.

Geoffry´s Cat: Me and my cat have parted ways. I´ll be honest I´m not a cat person. Last year I answered the big question – “cats or dogs?” and came to the conclusion that I´m a dog person. With that and the fact Geoffry´s cats eat a lot of raw chicken, including feet and heads, it was time to part. In its place I got House Animals.

House Animals: In the afternoons I now work with 3 Tucans, 3 Mecaws (blue and red), 2 Emus, 2 Taipers, 1 nasua and 1 pig. It´s fantastic. I love all the animals. The Taipers are my new favourite animal. It´s the first time I´ve ever seen them and I just want to hug them. They are massive. They eat tones of food three times a day. They would make , but seriously cool, expensive pets.

With House Animals I have to clean their cages, feed them, keep them company and make toys for them. It´s a great afternoon activity because of the diversity.


Quiz Night: Last week the team I was in came joint first – my best quiz result ever 🙂 This week we came fourth out of five teams – my usualy quiz result 😦

Friday Night Party: This week I went to the Friday Night Party and I occupied the dance floor all night 🙂 I used all my Post Olympic Dance (POD) moves! N and C would be proud!

cacao-pods-250The theme of the party was ´The Jungle´ so I went as a half ripe cacao pod – more funny than a ripe one I thought. I wore a yellow sack on my front and a green sack on my back. Someone said I also looked like a turtle – accidentle 2 in 1 costume – awesome!

I gave my best costume idea away (I´m nice like that). I told my friend that someone should get inside an animal cage – and he did! Glad it was him and not me – it was super uncomfortable.


So far I have accumulated the following injuries:

2 Howler Moneky bites
Countless mosquito bites
3 Red Ant bites
3 scratches from falling over. I´ve fallen over 4 times now!!!!


The rainy season has well and truly started. Nothing dries – like ever. I have 8 pairs of wet socks. I wish there was a tumble drier here! Much of the land is now flooding too. Thankfully none of my animals are in areas where the water is deeper than my wellies, but some unfortunate volunteers have to go in thigh deep water!




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