EVS Week 2 – The Filter Project


Wie geht’s? I hope you’re well. I’m very well as last week was really fun and busy.

On Monday 22nd February I attended a meeting at a Youth Centre called Steppenwolf. At the meeting youth workers discussed what they are working on and how they can support each other. Due to my lack of German I understood very little of what was said but by their next meeting, in June, I want to understand everything they say!

On Thursday 25th February I went to Vienna for a five day training event. The training event was for professionals working on The Filter Europe. The Filter Europe is a project that educates young people in Europe on smoking and tobacco issues with the aim to prevent young people from starting to smoke and helping them to quit. Smoking is an important issue to address as it is the single largest avoidable health risk in the European Union.

Currently there are five countries participating in The Filter Europe: Wales, Romania, Belarus, Austria and Spain. Professionals from each country were present at the event and received training on the following topics:

  • the current smoking situation in each participating country
  • how to work with young people on smoking and tobacco issues
  • using social media to extend the reach of The Filter Europe

Participants also started to design a toolkit that can be used in each country and, on the last day, they made a work plan detailing what they will do between now and June.

One of my highlights from the training event was the intercultural evenings where each country did a presentation about their homeland. The presentations were fantastic with people sharing videos, photos, dances, songs, foods, drinks, and costumes.

The next face-to-face meeting for The Filter Europe will be in June. Professionals and young people will meet in Romania to see how everyone is getting on and to discuss the next steps of the project. To follow updates from the project visit The Filter Europe website.

This week I am attending BeSt in Vienna. BeSt is an information event about jobs, studying and training for young people.

Take care!

Auf Wiedersehen,


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