EVS Week 5 – Earth Hour


I hope all is well. Ich bin Wunderbar!

During Week 5 I visited an information event for young people, analysed evaluation forms, had a German lesson, attended a video making workshop and participated in Earth Hour 2016.

On Monday 14th March I attended a youth information event called “Jugend Information …Pimp Dein Wissen”. The event was good fun. I tried skateboarding, slacklining, table football, connect four (called Vier Gevinnt in German), and there was a band, called Rudl,who played great music. Here is my video from the event:

Then I spent the next three days analysing the evaluation forms from The Filter Project event in Vienna. It was interesting to learn how to evaluate qualitative data as well as quantative.

On Friday 18th March I had my second online German lesson. The topic was “In der Stadt” (In the City). I really enjoyed it. I was the only student! Next time I will record the lesson so I can watch it back to remember what the teacher said.

On Friday I also attended a video making workshop organised by Generation Earth. The workshop was excellent. It taught me lots of skills and inspired me to make my videos more creative.

On Saturday 19th March, from 8.30pm to 9.30pm, it was Earth Hour. Earth Hour is a global environmental movement by WWF. For one hour, people are asked to think about their commitment to the planet for the rest of this year. During Earth Hour I went to Vienna to help WWF lay out 500 candles. Here is my video of what we did:

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