EVS Week 9 – Reisalpe


Below is a summary of my ninth week as an EVS volunteer at Jugend:info Nö in Austria.

At the beginning of the week I wrote an article for the next issue of 14-24 Magazine and finished editing a video about the Filter Europe training event in Vienna (below). I also planned future projects including a video about EVS in Lower Austria.

On Thursday 14th April I hosted the second episode of Volunteer Stories on Campus and City Radio 94.4. I interviewed an EVS volunteer called Oliver and spoke to Professor Kuhl and six students about social work.

On Saturday 16th April I went on a cycling trip with my colleague Gerda and her husband Christoph. We meet at Bärndorfer Hütte next to a nuclear power station called AKW. AKW has never been active as it was opposed. After a lovely lunch we cycled along the Danube River. It was a fantastic day.

On Sunday 17th April I hiked Reisalpe with my mentor Alex, her mum Monika, and two EVS volunteers named Kiryl (from Belarus) and Damir (from Russia). We had a lovely time and the view was spectacular.

My ninth week went really well. I can’t wait for next week!

Danke fürs lesen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,



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