EVS Week 10 – Critical Mass


Week 10 was lots of fun. I recorded a radio interview, attended a music concert at FH. St Pölten, joined a bike parade, visited Wiener Neustadt and played games at H2.

On Monday 18th April I recorded an interviewed for Volunteer Stories with a friend called Conny. Conny volunteered as a Scout leader for 6 years. Listen to Conny’s interview.

On Tuesday 19th April I watched Sama Dams perform at St. Pölten University. Sama Dams are from Philadelphia in America. They played some great songs and made me want to be a musician! They are currently touring around Europe.


On Wednesday 20th April I took the train to Wiener Neustadt to visit a youth centre called Rumtrieb. They wanted help filming videos about their work and recruiting participants for the Filter Europe project.

On Friday 22nd April I participated in a Critical Mass bike parade with my colleague Georgina, EVS volunteer Kiryl, and my friend Markus. Critical Mass is about raising awareness on issues such as road safety and sustainable transport. The parade involved cycling around St. Pölten for one hour and then ending at the lake for a rest. I really enjoyed the parade as there were lots of things in St. Pölten I’d not seen before.

critical mass poster

H2 is a youth centre I first visited on 12th April when it was celebrating its 25th birthday. H2 offers lots of amazing activities including; table tennis, table football, board games, and musical instruments. I hope to visit H2 often.

Lettice with guitar

Lettice and Kiryl playing table football

That’s all folks!

Danke fürs lesen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


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