EVS Week 14 – Summer is here!


Week 14 was a short week as Monday was a public holiday. Public holidays, of which Austria has many, are great for doing activities and travelling!

During the week I edited videos, attended an online German lesson, watched a singing competition, and visited Campus and City Radio 94.4.

I visit Campus and City Radio 94.4 a lot as it is my favourite hobby. On Tuesday I helped co-host the Chart Show and on Wednesday I was a guest on Radio am Nachmittag. The Chart Show plays the top 20 songs of the week and Radio am Nachmittag brings together local people to discuss topical issues. This week we discussed integration and refugees. It was very interesting. The show was in both English and German. You can listen to it here.

My neighbour Barbara entered a singing competition and invited me to watch the first round. It was great to be in the audience and cheer her on. Luckily she got through to the second round.

singing competition
barbara is second from the left.

On Saturday I attended a summer party at a local school. There was music, food, a theatre show by the students and stalls selling handmade crafts. Both my housemates are EVS volunteers at the school.


On Sunday I visited Linz with my mentor to buy some chickens. It was nice to drive through the countryside and stop in Linz.

Danke fürs lesen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


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