EVS Week 15 – I interviewed a band!


I’m still recovering from Week 15 as it was super busy! Here is what I got up to:

On Monday I saw She and The Junkies and The Coronas at Chelsea Bar in Vienna. She and The Junkies are from St Pölten and The Coronas are from Dublin. She and The Junkies gave 1 million per cent! I couldn’t believe how much energy they had. The Coronas were on point too drawing fans from as far as Ireland (!) to come and see them.

On Wednesday St. Pölten celebrated Diversity Day in the main square. Diversity Day is about “an open society in which diversity has space”. I watched some Indian dancing and rode on an electric scooter. Every Saturday there is also Diversity Cafe if you are interested.

On Thursday I hosted the fifth episode of Volunteer Stories. The focus was International Citizen Service (ICS) and I interviewed Funto who has volunteered on two ICS projects in Nigeria. The interview was one of my favourites as Funto shared so many excellent experiences and you can hear chickens clucking in the background! Listen to my interview with Funto here.


On Friday I attended a play at FH St. Pölten called A House Breaks. The play combined theatre, dance, music and visual arts to explore the joys and miseries of everyday life. The play was based on the current issue of refugee movements.

On Saturday I volunteered at Seewiesenfest. It was so much fun! The volunteering involved two hours of putting cheese in vegetarian burgers and then two hours of putting cups in a dish washer. After that I was free to party the night away. I fifteen-million-per-cent fell in love withAstronautalis. His performance was phenomenal.

On Sunday I relaxed at the DonauKanalTreiben festival. Then in the early evening, for the first time ever, I interviewed a band! Thanks to Campus and City Radio 94.4 I got to interview Aaron Maine from the band Porches. It was a great experience. I really enjoyed researching Porches and then being able to ask Aaron lots of questions. To finish the night off I got to watch Porches perform live. They were ace. I love their music.

Danke fürs lesen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


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