EVS Week 16 – World No Tobacco Day


Week 16 was primarily about World No Tobacco Day but I also fit in a few other things!

On Monday 30th May I attended a play about refugees by The Silent Majority. The play involved over 30 refugees. It was really interesting to watch and at the end they did a Q and A session.

Theatre at FH St Poelten

On Tuesday 31st May Jugend:info Nö co-hosted an event to celebrate World No Tobacco Day in St Pölten. The purpose of World No Tobacco Day is to:

  • inform the public on the dangers of using tobacco
  • provide information on the business practices of tobacco companies
  • detail what the World Health Organization are doing to fight the tobacco epidemic
  • inform the public on what they can do to claim their right to health and healthy living and to protect future generations

After the event I processed the photos, videos and audio recordings. First I edited the photos and shared them on Facebook. Then I edited the audio recordings and wrote a script for the radio show we are making about World No Smoking Day on Tuesday 7th May at 5pm on Campus and City Radio 94.4. You can listen online or on FM 94.4 if you live in St Pölten.

Jugendinfo Noe spin the wheel
Spin the wheel 

On Friday and Saturday I attended a two day workshop at Campus and City Radio 94.4. The workshop taught us about:

  • Moderation and creating features
  • Recording and cutting
  • Studio technique
  • Media and copyright law

It was great to learn more about radio and meet new people. For information about future workshops visit the Campus and City Radio 94.4 website.

Radio workshop
Radio workshop
Danke fürs lesen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


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