EVS Week 17 – Summer Party

Hallo und herzlich willkommen!

I hope this blog is inspiring you to consider being an EVS volunteer if you’re not already. Through EVS you can have lots of fun, make new friends, and gain new skills. For more information about EVS visit the European Youth Portal. Youth is up to 30 years old and you don’t have to be an EU citizen to apply.

So here is Week 17…

On Saturday 4th June I went to a BBQ at my mentor’s house. The food, drinks and company were amazing!

On Tuesday 7th June George and I hosted a radio show about World No Tobacco Day 2016. It was fire! Mainly because we played songs which either had the word “fire” or “cigarettes” in the lyrics! We also gave information about the Day, how we celebrated it, the advantages of quitting smoking and tips on how to quit smoking. Listen to our radio show on World No Tobacco Day.

On Wednesday 8th June I helped Rebekka with the Chart Show and attended a Summer Party at the local university. The chart show was ace as usual with lots of great music to dance along too and my interview with Porches aired. The Summer Party was great fun as well with live music, free chocolate covered fruit (the best part of the event in my opinion), games (which were super tiring) and lots of friends in attendance.

Behind me is a game where you have to jump over the spinning log. I tried it and was out of breath in seconds! It’s harder than it looks!
Chocolate covered bananas
Chocolate covered bananas

On Thursday 9th June I had a busy day doing two interviews and a live recording of Volunteer Stories. The interviews were for a special episode of Volunteer Stories which is part of “New Land for All” a programme by Community Radios Austria. The programme includes 10 shows that will play across 10 community radio stations on Wednesday 15th June. Volunteer Stories will be the first show at 10am. The topic of my show is refugees and integration into life in St. Pölten. You can listen to the show online. Click the Livestream button then if needed click the small white link on the player to make the buttons appear.

The live recording of Volunteer Stories went well. I had two guests, Maggy and Markus, who talked about volunteering on horse and sheep farms in Ireland, England and New Zealand. Listen to episode 6 of Volunteer Stories.

And that is it!

Tschüss baba


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