EVS Week 18 – Neuland Für Alle


Week 18 was busy – so busy it’s making Week 19 feel boring! Here’s what happened:

On Saturday 11th June I attended the third round of “Das Größte Talent” competition which my friend Barbara was competing in. Barbara’s performance was amazing – and I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend. Her performance was transfixing and made everything else disappear. But unfortunately, whilst placing first with the judges she didn’t have enough telephone votes to go through to the next round.

Barbara talent show
Barbara being interviewed before her mesmerising performance 

On Tuesday 14th June I watched my friend Maria perform with the FH university choir. The choir sounded great and performed a nice mix of songs. Coincidentally, without knowing it, I interviewed both Maria and the FH choir leader, Flora, for episode 7 of Volunteer Stories!

FH St. Poelten choir
The FH Choir. Maria is second from the left and Flora is at the front wearing a gold top.

After the choir performance I went to “Tuesday Nightskating” with my friend Markus. Every second Tuesday lots of skaters and bike riders cruise around St. Pölten with a sound system for a few hours. There were about 80 people and we covered 15km in 2 hours. It was great to exercise, socialise and see different parts of St. Pölten all at once. You can listen to Markus talk about volunteering on a sheep farm in New Zealand in episode 6 of Volunteer Stories.

Tuesday Night Skating
Me at Tuesday Night Skating

Wednesday 15th June was a long day. In the morning, I gave a presentation about my volunteering experiences to twenty five 11 years olds. I fully enjoy presenting and the children were fantastic. They were enthusiastic about the activities and they were not shy to raise their hands to ask/answer questions. At the same time, episode 7 of Volunteer Stories was playing on 8 radio stations across Austria for the „Neuland für Alle“ programme. I got back to the office just in time to hear the last 10 minutes of the show. Then, after work I attended “Her Kommen/Da Sein/Weg Gehen” a free event about migration and life history. I went with Campus and City Radio 94.4 to make interviews and at the same time I saw friends, ate excellent food and took a Polaroid photo!

St Poelten event
My friends are the ones looking at the camera.
Lettice Polaroid photo
A pun-tastic Polaroid

On Thursday 16th June I interviewed Maria again and her friend Matthew. Both are social work students who have done lots of volunteering. Their interview will play on Volunteer Stories soon so keep an eye out for it.

Friday 17th June saw me try beat boxing at the second World Choir meeting. I went alone to the meeting but I knew the organisers (one of whom is Flora) from Volunteer Stories and I recognised a few other faces which was nice. It was a great meeting involving 3 hours of singing, beat boxing and body percussion. I like World Choir’s mission to bring together people from different backgrounds to make art. There were approximately 50 people of all different ages and nationalities. You can find out more about World Choir and hear one of their songs on episode 7 of Volunteer Stories.

On Sunday 19th June I visited a small sustainability festival in Payerbach Rax. The festival was lovely with nice people, good workshops, and great food. The first workshop I did was a herb walk where we were shown different plants and their uses. Then I did two workshops on how to transform plants into useful products such as washing-up liquid, laundry powder, shampoo, lip balm, cooking oil, and body scrubs.

Lettice holding home made soap
Me holding a bottle of organic home-made shampoo amidst a range of other natural products.

Das ist alles!

Danke fürs lesen,

Tschüss BaBa

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