EVS Week 20 – The Best Day Ever

To say I am lucky is an understatement. Austria, my volunteer placement at Jugend:info Nö, my accommodation, my friends, and my main hobby – Campus and City Radio 94.4, have all been incredible. And to top it off I had the best day ever on Friday!

On Tuesday 28th June my colleague Gerda made a special cake for me to try. It was a Sachertorte, a traditional Viennese cake, and it tasted phenomenal. Sachertorte even has it’s own national day on 5 December!

Traditional Austrian Cake
Sachertorte by Gerda

On Wednesday 29th June I co-host my last Chart Show with Rebekka. It was great fun as always and I particularly loved the number one song Alaska by Maggie Rogers. You can listen to the whole chart on this Spotify playlist.

On Thursday 30th June I attended Campus and City Radio’s Summer Party. I decided to cycle there with a map I’d printed off Google. I spent 30 minutes cycling around completely lost (!) but when I finally got there it was worth it. It was nice to meet other Radio Makers and the Campus and City Radio Team surprised me with a thoughtful leaving gift.

The most recent episode of Volunteer Stories features St. Pölten Skate Association. I interviewed four members of the Association including Stefan who is one of my colleagues at Jugend:info Nö. You can listen to the interview here.

St.-Polten-Skate-Association volunteer stories
4 members of St. Polten Skate Association on Volunteer Stories. L to R: Ferdie, Chris, me, Stefan & David.

¡¡Friday 1st July!!

Friday was one of the best days ever. It was one of those days where it doesn’t matter what goes wrong in my life as I will always have the memories of that great day and the people who made it.

Everything was a secret. All I knew was I had to keep the day free. I went to work as usual and then at 12.30pm my colleague George took me on a train ride. I didn’t know where we were going which made it even more exciting!

It turned out we were going to Melk. Melk has a beautiful Abbey. I’d wanted to visit it since seeing a picture of it on the information sheet about Jugend:info Nö before I came to Austria.

Melk Abby

After seeing the Abbey we got on a boat! I love boat rides and I had been wanting to travel along the Wachau Valley for months. The views were beautiful and there were so many castles and churches to spot along the way. Also, my colleagues know me so well they had packed a picnic containing my favourite foods to enjoy on the trip.

View from the boat
View from the back of the boat.

We exited the boat at Krems. Another town I had been meaning to visit. As we were leaving the boat six of my colleagues jumped out and surprised me! They were joining us for the next part of the adventure! It was great to be met by them and an icebox filled with cold drinks. Then two more colleagues joined and we went on a tour of the town lead by Melanie and Nadine who know the town well. They even gave me a printed handout with a map of Krems and photos of everything we were visiting!

Jugend info team photo
My Colleagues and I.
Tour of Krems
Touring Krems

The weather was so hot we stopped to enjoy some ice cream after the tour. Then we walked to a really funky restaurant, two more colleagues joined, and we had some delicious food. As if that hadn’t already been the best day ever I was presented with two lovely, thoughtful gifts – a t-shirt with photos and messages from colleagues, and a book that will come in very handy.

To end it all Stefan suggested we go to a lookout point where you can see Krems. The lookout point was excellent and a lovely end to the best day ever.

Jugend info team at lookout point in Krems
Lookout point over Krems.

Thank you Jugend:info Nö for the best day ever! It has been an amazing experience volunteering with you all.

Danke fürs lesen.

Tschüss, lettice

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