Episode 10: London 2012

Four years after volunteering in the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games I’m doing a special episode all about it! In fact, the idea for Volunteer Stories came from all of the volunteers I met during London 2012.

In Episode 10 of Volunteer Stories I interviewed four volunteers:

First I interview Denis (top left) – a musician who was a Pandemonium Drummer in the Olympics Opening Ceremony and who has written a new song called “Champion” to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Second I interview Rhiannon (top right) – a choreographer who was an Audience Leader in all four ceremonies and who was inspired to create a contemporary dance show about the volunteer performers called The Legacy.

Third I interview Dave (bottom left) – a web developer who was a Working Man in the Olympics Opening Ceremony and who was involved in making a documentary film about it called One Night in 2012 which aired on BBC 1 in July 2016.

Fourth I interview Colin (bottom right) – a fire breather who performed in two London 2012 Ceremonies and who is currently in Brazil rehearsing to perform in three Rio 2016 Ceremonies.


Champion by Pandemonium Drummers and Friends

Close To The Middle – Cajun Moon

I don’t Care – Secret Mission

Leave It – Third Party Incidents


You can also check out the Post Olympic Dance Group (POD) and Vision – a choir comprising of Ceremonies performers.

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Get involved

If you would like to share your volunteering story on Volunteer Stories email office@cr944.at. Interviews are recorded using Skype.



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