China – Week 2


My second week in China has been good despite having a tummy bug. This is what I got up too:


Sunday 18th September

All the UK English teachers went to campus to fill in some paperwork. Then I placed lots of books on our new bookshelves in the Foreign Teachers’ Office.

In the evening all eight English teachers were invited to dinner by the Foreign Welfare Department. Four of the English teachers are American and the other four are British. It was nice to finally meet everyone and eat good food.


Monday 19th September

I sensed I was getting ill so I stocked up on crackers, crisps, water and bananas. I also started my lesson planning for my first lesson on Thursday. I am teaching Extensive Reading to two groups of second year students. Both lessons were for two hours and had 45 students each.

Cucumber crisps which taste surprisingly good.


Tuesday 20th September

I continued lesson planning and started editing episode 13 of Volunteer Stories. Episode 13 is an interview with Aaron Maine from the American synthpop band Porches. I met him in Vienna when the band was touring Europe.

Aaron Maine


Wednesday 21st September

More planning, more radio show, more being ill.


Thursday 22nd September

I had been feeling nervous about teaching but the lessons went really well. Lesson 1 was 8am to 9:50am and Lesson two was 10:10am to 12pm. The students were very friendly and keen to learn. I started Unit 7 in their reading books as well as taught them about British banknotes and coins. It was really good fun.

The classroom before the students arrived


Friday 23rd September

The UK English teachers and 3 Korean exchange students were taken to Guiyang to get health checks as part of our resident applications. The coach journey took 1.5 hours and involved driving along many, what I call, “sky roads”. Sky roads are roads that are built high in the sky. I was a bit scared!

A sky road. They can be above land too and they can be higher.


After visiting the hospital we had a lovely lunch together.



Saturday 24th September

Ethan, Sam, Aimee and I went to a lovely tea farm. We picked tea leaves, went on a golf cart tour around the farm, looked inside the processing plant, met some ex-English teachers and ate a nice lunch. The owner of the tea farm, named Duncan, studied English at the university many years ago and kindly invited current and ex-teachers to see it.

Picking tea leaves
Tea factory
English Teachers (current and ex) and Duncan (far left).

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