China – Week 3

Currently it’s Golden Week so I’m on holiday for one week. Lots of people go travelling during Golden Week. When I say lots I mean 11 million people! I’m staying in Duyun as my Chinese is not sufficient enough to get me anywhere else.

I’ll write about the adventure I have during Golden Week next Sunday, for now here’s what I’ve been up to this week:


Sunday 25th September

I had the best ice cream of my life and it only cost 40p!

I had a passport photo taken at a shop and they airbrushed out my nose ring and lightened my skin.

After this dinner is when I ate the best ice cream of my life.


Monday 26th September

I was pricked, poked and prodded at the health centre. If I pass the physical exam I get a residence permit for 1 year.

I started week 1 of an online Chinese course. My goal is to learn enough Chinese to be able to travel independently.

The UK English teachers risked ordering a hotpot by ourselves. It wasn’t as good as when a Chinese person orders the food but we managed to not starve.

UK English teachers rocking hotpot.


Tuesday 27th September

I bought two red pens so I can mark students work. Marking is so much fun! I expect the novelty will eventually wear off though.

I tried an Oreo drink from a local drink shop. It was heaven. I have since drank 3 more.

Again the UK English teachers went for dinner sans a Chinese person/person who understands Chinese. Aimee mistakenly ordered herself just a bowl of broth. Haha

See the amazing Oreo drinks. Only 80p each!


Wednesday 28th September

In the morning I did some lesson planning. In the afternoon I had an Oreo drink. In the evening I attended English Club.

At English Club the English teachers and students chat casually for an hour and a half. It was really nice to chat to different students and to help them practice speaking English.

At dinner I met a new Art teacher called Echo and tried dry hotpot for the first time.


Thursday 29th September

One of the greatest days. I ate pizza with gloves on. The pizza was vegetarian and the gloves were to conceal germs.

I also taught two classes. Both classes were excited when I said we were going to watch a video. When marking Class 2’s homework I was super excited and wanted a “Well done” stamp or stickers to give out. Class 1 were lucky as I forgot to ask for their homework.

We have a nice TV with several channels in our apartment. I’m addicted to watching the American TV show Community. It’s so funny.

Last Thursday my radio interview with Aaron Maine from the American synthpop band Porches aired. It was the first time I’d interviewed a musician. I was super excited and a bit nervous. You can listen to the interview with Aaron here. Also, Volunteer Stories has been nominated for an award. I’ll keep you posted on whether or not it gets through to the next round.

Aaron Maine



Saturday 1st October

Aimee and I decided to go to university to eat lunch. Whilst there I recognised two of my students. I asked them what they were up to that day and they said KTV. Aimee and I promptly invited ourselves to KTV. KTV is karaoke. We had a fantastic 5 hours (!) singing with the students.

KTV. The two students sat next to me are in my Extensive Reading class.






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