China – Week 4

I feel tired so this week’s post will be brief.

Sunday 2nd October

I noticed a circus was in town. I wanted to find out the ticket prices and performance times so Aimee and I visited the box office. And guess what happened? We got in for free (foreigner discount) and the show started soon after. Dreams come true.

Aimee and I


A tiger


Tuesday 4th October

For the 14th episode of Volunteer Stories I interviewed Aimee about her experience volunteering at an orphanage in Sri Lanka and at an adult care home in Romania. You can listen to the interview here.


Wednesday 5th October

Aimee and I discovered an outdoor eating area on campus which is located next to a river that has fantastic light decorations in the evening.

Some of the lights.


Thursday 6th October

Aimee and I woke our gateman up at 5.30am so we could see the World’s largest radio telescope called FAST. Very kindly two students, I met at English Club, took us to FAST which opened to the public in September 2016. Approximately 2,000 people visit each day. My favourite thing about FAST is it will be used to detect extraterrestrial life.

Left to Right: Alice, me, Aimee and James.
FAST is located in a very mountainous area. Here is a view from the car.


Saturday 8th October

Due to the National Holiday classes that would have taken place on Thursday and Friday were rescheduled to Saturday and Sunday. So I taught two lessons on Saturday morning. It felt a bit weird teaching at the weekend!



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