China – Week 7

Week 7 did not go as planned. It was meant to be filled with playing lots of sports but on Wednesday disaster struck.

Sunday 23rd October

Sunny, a Broadcasting student, invited me, Aimee and Stephen to be interviewed by the Broadcasting Society. They wanted to know about our experience in China so far and how China compares to the UK. The interview took place in the ultra snazzy university News Centre which even houses a radio station!

At the Qiannan University News Centre

Monday 24th October

My morning office hours proved popular with lots of students visiting. I can’t say the same for my afternoon office hours though – those were dead. I’ll have to move them to a more popular time as obviously nobody has any questions between 4pm-5pm.

At lunch time I had a Chinese lesson with Nina, during which she introduced me to Chinese rice pudding – big mistake… now I’m addicted!

Tuesday 25th October

Often when I eat alone in the canteen a student asks to join me; usually one who wants to practice their English (although the other day a student joined me who spoke no English, I think she thought I spoke Chinese). I don’t mind at all as it has lead to spontaneous Chinese lessons and new friendships. This evening a girl named Ethan (she chose a boy’s name because she likes sports) joined me and invited me to play badminton with her. It was good fun even though everyone around me could have been on the Chinese Olympic ping-pong team.

Ethan and I

Wednesday 26th October

Today marked the first day of Sports Week (technically it only lasts 3 days) and there was an incredible Opening Ceremony at 8am that kicked it all off. The first sport was running and the second sport was skipping. Despite my training last week I was only a sub for the Language Department’s skipping team. #Heartbroken. So I watched 12 of my fellow Language Department colleagues compete. Then unfortunately with only a few seconds left my friend Aimee landed badly and hurt her knee. I accompanied her to the university clinic and then to three hospitals. It was an eventful day to say the least. At one point, whilst Aimee was having an MRI, I played about in her wheelchair. It was good fun and made me think of trying wheelchair basketball.

Opening ceremony
The Language Department skipping team.

Thursday 27th October

After visiting Aimee in hospital I visited the university teachers’ gym with Stephen and Callum. The gym was so pretty with an epic view of the sports field. I may use it one day…

Visiting Aimee in hospital.

Friday 28th October

Aimee was discharged from hospital and re-housed in Cliff and Rebekah’s apartment which has an elevator. Later that day I was invited to join them all for dinner. It was delicious even though the elevator ride to the 20th floor was super scary!

Saturday 29th October

Stephen and I judged the final round of the speech competition. There were 18 contestants who were each given 3 minutes to talk about the university.  It took approximately 2 hours to get through them all. It was an enjoyable event.

Speech competition. Second and Third place certificates.

In the evening Cliff and Rebekah hosted a cook out! We ate BBQ food and delicious Southern food. Aside from teachers and Cliff and Rebekah’s friends two students visited to check on Aimee.

Students Alice and James visiting Aimee.

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