China – Week 8

A word about our sponsor

This week’s post is brought to you by the best jacket in town – Kate Moss and some pizza sllces. I can’t wait to see what other jackets make an appearance this season as the temperature decreases.


Back to our normal programming

Routine? Stress? I don’t know why, but for some reason I haven’t written a single diary entry this week. That’s a week’s worth of Pulitzer Prize material down the drain. Oh well.

Obviously, I’ve done nothing noteworthy this week. It’s been a huge waste of oxygen. I might as well just quit and fly home.

Only joking! Here’s what I can remember:


Sunday 30th October

Ok, so I can’t remember exactly what I did on Sunday, but it was probably what I always do on a Sunday – lesson planning. This teaching malarkey has sure shown me how much work is involved in teaching. Now I have a far greater appreciation for my teachers during my school days.


Monday 31st October

Halloween barely registered on my mind but the students who visited my office hours were keen to talk about it. I had no idea the origin of Halloween but I could talk with glee about trick-or-treating and costumes.

In the evening I was invited to a Halloween movie night at Cliff and Rebekah’s. We watched Luther and ate POPCORN!


Tuesday 1st November

I went shopping with Nina, a student, and took her to visit Aimee. It seems it’s tradition in China to take sick people milk and bananas as Aimee has tonnes (literally) of both.


Wednesday 2nd November

Today I had my first Oral English class with Non-English majors. The class was so much fun and the students were overjoyed to being learning English.


Thursday 3rd November

In the evening our department had a banquet to celebrate our victories during Sports Week. We won 3 out of 6 competitions so jubilation was high.


Friday 4th November

Aimee returned home to our apartment after a week at Cliff and Rebekah’s. There was food and a movie to celebrate.


Saturday 5th November

I attended my first dance class in China. We learnt Cha Cha and Waltz. It was great fun but really tiring as the class was 3 hours long and I hadn’t attended a dance class in over 2 years! There will be a dance show in April.



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