China – Week 9

The weather is getting seriously chilly in China and central heating is a facility based on geographic location. Jiang Yi details the reasons why North China has central heating and South China doesn’t. To find out whether I have central heating and what I was up to last week read on…

Tuesday 7th November

After teaching a 2 hour class and having 3 hours of office hours I spent 2 hours dancing! It was great fun to Cha Cha and Waltz but it left me with little time to lesson plan for Wednesday.

Wednesday 8th November

At 7pm we held our weekly English Club. Unexpectedly the English Club from our medical campus attended too. The medical campus is 30 minutes away and they invited us to attend their English Club one day. I’m really looking forward to it but I will need help to get the bus there!


Talking to students at English Club.


Thursday 9th November

After teaching 2 classes I came home to an apartment full of students cooking! They were visiting Aimee. It was a tasty surprise. They had managed to get our hotpot table working and were cooking vegetables and tofu.


Lunch with Aimee and her students.


Every year each department holds a welcome party for it’s Freshmen (first year) students. Welcome parties involve a mix of acting, singing, comedy and dancing over the course of 2.5 hours. For the Foreign Languages’ welcome party I performed the PPAP song with Aimee, Cliff, Rebekah, and Sam.


Left to right: Me, Aimee, Cliff, Rebekah, Sam.


Friday 10th November

I only teach 1 class on Friday and then I am free for the weekend! My weekend started by attending the Art Freshmen show at 7pm. It was great to watch.

Saturday 11th November

I spent the day buying warmth generating items such as PJs, slippers, an electric blanket, and a heat pad because I live in South China where central heating does not exist.


My new super thick PJs.


In the evening Aimee and I used out hotpot table unsupervised and it went well except for we forgot to buy spices.

After dinner I attended a 3 hour dance class. It seems Cha Cha and Waltz are not the easiest of dances to learn as there are a lot of specific body positions you have to make but it is good fun.

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