Christmas in China – Part 2

Happy day-after Boxing Day! I hope you’ve been having a nice time with your loved ones, eating lots of yummy food, and receiving the gifts you wanted.

The second part of my Christmas Day celebrations went like this:

At 7pm Stephen, Callum, Aimee and I played a story dice game that Aimee received as a Christmas gift from her parents. Whilst the others were really good at it I was terrible. My storytelling imagination does not exist!

Story dice

Next we headed to a pizza restaurant because if you can’t have a roast dinner the next best thing is pizza!


On the way to the pizza restaurant we bumped into some Korean and Chinese students.



Me and my pizza.


Then we returned to a bar we visited last Sunday. The managers seem to like us and give us free drinks and sunflower seeds. In exchange we sit in a visible location and take selfies with customers. Yes – we’re Duyun famous.


Me, Aimee, Callum and Stephen.


We also like the bar because we know one of the singers who performs there. She is a music student from the university. The other performers include a barman who does a flaring show that includes fire, a saxophonist and a guitarist. The only downside of the bar (and all other bars) is smoking is allowed inside. It is sooooo gross.


The barman showing his flaring and fire skills.


The highlight of my day was receiving a selfie stick. I have never owned one before, and initially I didn’t like them but now I love them. It is soooo cool having one. I can’t wait to travel around China and take lots of photos.

This week

In China the school term doesn’t finished until Friday 30th December so I still have work to do this week. Luckily I can do most of my work from the comfort of my own home today and tomorrow. Yay!

Winter holidays

The Winter holiday in China runs from January to the end of February. I’ve not made a single plan yet as I’m focusing on surviving this week. What I do know is I’d like to: visit a few tourist attractions in China, volunteer with pandas, and learn some Chinese. Simples!

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