China – Week 17

This is a brief blog post about my first two weeks of 2017. My next post will be about my winter vacation from mid-January to mid-February. Then I’ll start blogging about the new semester which began on 27th February.

Sunday 1st January

New Year’s resolutions are too much work. I happily ignore them and just observe the tradition about partying. In the evening Aimee and I were invited to dinner at our friend Doris’ house. Doris is a middle school teacher who we painted the town red with two weeks ago. This evening Doris ordered takeaway; her husband made tea; her friends stopped by; and we had a lovely evening drinking, eating and playing dance games on Wii.


Dinner at Doris’.


Monday 2nd January

Oddly the 2nd of January is a national holiday in China. I wish somebody had told me that before I ventured out the house and made big plans to handing in my marked exam papers and visit the bank.

Wednesday 4th January to Monday 9th January

I spent 5 days housebound with a mystery back pain/low energy illness. So I turned to the medicine I know best – TV and film – only leaving the house for food and water.  

Tuesday 10th January

Finally, I felt better. I felt motivated to leave my apartment, and not only that, but to travel. If I didn’t travel then I would have become a weight gaining coach potato for 5 weeks. I got my guide books out and began planning.

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