Kunming is the capital city of Yunnan province in Southwest China. It’s famous for having a relaxed atmosphere and warm temperatures all year round (earning itself the title “City of Eternal Spring”). I spent 10 days exploring Kunming and these are the activities I recommend:

Cui Hu Gongyuan

A big park filled with beautiful ponds, pavilions and flowers. Throughout the day many musicians and dancers rehearse and perform. It’s a great place to relax in the sunshine and absorb Chinese culture.

Dancers performing in Cui Hu Gongyuan.


Beautiful Tulips and red lanterns.


Yuantong Si

A charming Buddhist temple. Great if you want some peace.

Yuantong Si


Lake Dian and the Western Hills

I highly recommend hiking the Western Hills. They offer a beautiful view of Lake Dian and you can also visit the auspicious Dragon Gate Grotto. It’s very easy to get to the Western Hills via public bus.

View from the chairlift up to Dragon Gate Grotto.


Touching the auspicious pearl at Dragon Gate Grotto.
Dragon Gate Grotto is carved into the side of Western Hills.


Dynamic Yunnan

An absolutely stunning dance musical about Yunnan’s ethnic minority groups. You have to see it.

Posing with two of the Dynamic Yunnan cast members.


The Stone Forest aka Shilin

A large park filled with unusual limestone formations. I highly recommend hiking both the inner and outer trails. It will require lots of energy and time but it’s worth it.

The pristine inner trails.
The rugged outer trails.

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