Sanya | China’s Hawaii

Sanya is the southernmost city on Hainan Island; China’s smallest province. It has a tropical climate with hot temperatures all year round earning itself the title “China’s Hawaii”. High season is December to February when tourists from mainland China and Russia like to escape winter. The best beach is Sanya beach. It’s 15 miles long and gorgeous. The second best beach is Yalong Bay. It’s long and gorgeous too but it is far from the city centre. Dadonghai beach is short, crowded and ugly. I don’t know why guide books recommend it.

Nothing says beach holiday like sharks greeting you at the airport.
Sanya beach aka heaven
Mr. Krabs


SpongeBob’s house is a shopping centre.



Everyday I saw couples having beautiful wedding/engagement photoshoots on the beach.


An outdoor library!
A peaceful spot along a river.
An epic fireworks display to celebrate the Lantern festival. I was stood at the back really close to the fireworks. It was loud but so cool.


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