Lijian is an ancient city in the northwest of Yunnan province and is home to two UNESCO World Heritage sites.

It has a history dating back 800 years and the main inhabitants are the Naxi people. The main attractions are the Old Town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Tiger Leaping Gorge (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Below I list the best activities in Lijian and also share my video containing tips for hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Old Town

The famous buildings and streets.


Twice a day there is a Naxi dance performance.


Naxi Orchastra

Playing traditional Naxi music on traditional instruments.


Elephant Hill

Lijian is in the background.
At the top of Elephant hill you see another hill and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.


Black Dragon Lake

This is next to Elephant Hill and a nice place to relax.


Tiger Leaping Gorge

100% beautiful.
Gorgeous place and a relatively easy hike.



The Baisha Naxi Embroidery Institute

Amazing traditional Naxi embroidery school in Baisha Old Town.






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