Beijing – Week 3

Nothing was going well last week so I refrained from writing a blog post. This week thankfully things are going much better and as of Wednesday 13th September I started to enjoy living in Beijing. I joined a speech club, started Chinese lessons, won a free ticket to a Pizza Festival, and got an air purifier.


I attended a Toastmasters meeting for the first time. I think Toastmasters is quirky (they tap on the table when someone says the word of the week – cringe) but I will keep going as the people were lovely and I’m interested in improving my public speaking skills (TED Talks here I come).


Toastmasters Beijing
Good luck finding me.



“I’ve been starving myself all week for this.” – Overheard in a queue at the Pizza Festival

Pepperoni pizza is the sole reasons I’m not 100% vegetarian. So you can imagine I was overjoyed when I won a ticket to the 2017 Beijing Pizza Festival. When I got there I made sure to eat every kind of pizza that I could.

Number 1 on the menu: spinach and tofu pizza

Spinach and tofu pizza

Number 2 on the menu: cranberry pizza

Cranberry pizza

Number 3 on the menu: cheese pizza

Cheese pizza

My favourite was the cranberry pizza as it also included banana and pineapple. The banana was especially delicious. A close second was the cheese pizza. And as much as I love tofu I’d never eat it on a pizza again, however the spinach was lush.

Funnily enough I didn’t fancy any pepperoni pizza today as I was looking to try new flavours. There was one other pizza I was hoping to try but after queuing for 30 minutes, and still being at the back of the queue, I gave up. Nothing, even pizza, is worth waiting that long for.


Yummy Box queue Pizza Festival
The queue for Yummy Box pizza. Apparently it’s really good but after waiting 30 minutes I gave up.


Next week

On Monday I begin my first week of teaching. I’m teaching 4 writing classes and 4 speaking classes. I can’t wait to meet the students. Fingers crossed all goes well.


Here are photos of some funny things I saw this week.

Parking in Beijing

Parking in Beijing

Haunted house inside Walmart

They even added sound effects, with staff saying spooky words, and “smoke” produced by putting a fan behind a room humidifier.

Halloween in China




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