Beijing – Week 4

This week was my first week teaching. I taught eight classes (four writing and four speaking) in three days (Monday to Wednesday). To say I was tired by Thursday is an understatement. In fact, I was so tired on Thursday that I had to quit my Chinese class – the one I only joined last week and loved. Ah well, I’ll try learning Chinese next semester.
By Friday I had recovered enough to lesson plan for the following week and luckily I got all my planning done in one day!
Saturday was my fun day. First, I attended “Europe Street”, an annual event where each European country has a stall showing their traditional culture. Second, I attended a “Bloc Party” which had lots of food and drink. Luckily, they had lots of vegan food, which was handy as I’m going vegan.


Vegan cake
Vegan cake

Whilst, the bloc party was fun it was nothing like the bloc parties I visited in Rio during carnival. They were something else!
Sunday I pushed the boat out an attended a salsa class. Dancing is my favourite hobby so even going alone is OK for me. I had a great time and the class was in Chinese and English which was useful. I’d love to say I’d go again but the fee is really high. Membership for 6 weeks is more than I paid for a year of dance classes in Guizhou province last year. So I will hunt out a cheaper class if I can.
On Wednesday, after teaching, I dashed madly to Toastmaster. It was good fun. I will definitely keep going.


toastmasters 2
Week 2 at Toastmaster’s Beijing

That’s all folks!
Peace and love

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