Beijing – months 7, 8, and 9

I’ve lost three days of my short, in comparison to the age of the universe, life to a cold-stroke-flu. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s these mini-tragedies that remind me to value each day.

Who am I kidding! I’m furious. I had things to do, people to see, and places to go! But I’ve convinced myself not to dwell on the “shoulda, woulda, coulda’s”, namely: a free lake-side painting class (#tears), a free life skills event about rationality and love (#moretears), and general gallivanting around Beijing (#treadingtears). Instead, I’ll move on and celebrate the “has’s, was’s, and were’s”. AKA what I did in March, April and May.

Editor’s note: excuse my questionable use of apostrophes above. I like to make words up that the Oxford Dictionary has yet to dream of.

Buckle in and hold tight, for if you make it through the thick forest, up the jagged mountain, and to the end of this blog post, you’ll hear about my recent celebrity encounter. Oi oi!


9th March – Life Skills 4 Me

Do you want a lively social life? If yes, then follow my advice: join as many online groups as you can, never pass a notice board without examining every poster on it, and pickup every free local magazine you find. This is how I source 90% of my entertainment (especially since my DVD player doesn’t connect to my TV).  Case in point – Life Skills 4 Me. This is a free event, every two weeks, which focuses on life skills such as mindfulness, dating, and personal branding. I came across it via an online group and I immediately fell in love with it because of the cool topics and cool people, which never fail to leave me feeling hyped at the end of each gathering.

25th March – Laughter Yoga

What is your comfort zone good for, eh? Bin it! I say. Against every grain of sense in my body (said grains included: what do I wear? I won’t know anyone! What activities will we do? I don’t laugh easily!) I went to laughter yoga. 99% of the reason I went is because my friend is the organiser and I’d been saying I’d go for months. So finally I tube-d and share-biked my way there (two more words the OD doesn’t have – losers!) Laughter yoga is, in a word, epic. You should try it. ’Nuff said.

28th March – Gym time

How much can you bench? I joined a gym. I know. I know. I look 23 tops. But really I’m 25 (don’t believe everything you read) and my back and knees occasionally give me cheek. So I gots to be taking care of the ol’ gal. Mind, I don’t bench or press, but I do do Zumba and Jazz, which are both quite dotey. I looked on the NHS website (which surprisingly still functions despite the constant cuts by the Tories) and realised I’m meant to “move” my body, “7” days a week, at different “intensity levels”, and at different “aerobics” and “strengths”. Meh. Getting older ain’t any easier.

Somehow I manage to decode this and make my way to several exercise classes a week.


1st April – Great Wall

This is no joke. After a year and a half in China I finally made it to the Great Wall! Life time goal is all I can say. Observe the photographic evidence below.

7th, 8th, & 12th April – Parks, parks, and more parks

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy” as sung by… a bunch of musicians according to Bing (not just Sublime as I thought #lies), summarizes how I feel about this season and why I celebrate it by visiting parks. That’s to say, I have become a quote unquote official park inspector for the municipality and inspected three parks in April and a further two in May. #GirlGoneWild

China’s solution to the lack of men in Salsa – make them dance with two women each!

14th April – Bouncin’

You’re never too old to go to a bouncy-ballpit-climbing world. Releasing your inner child is not only fun but also exhausting! Speaking of which, the man on the right, in the second photo, is planning on riding across Mongolia on a horse! Lucky devil. #DreamTrip

21st April – Picas-who?

How do you improve an already awesome Toastmasters club? You paint together. Copyright infringements aside, our paintings look fantabulous darling!


14th May – Pub quiz

Do you pub quiz? I rarely do as losing doesn’t suit me, but… I was asked to give a free lecture. The closest I could get to not-a-lecture-lecture was running a pub quiz. Because who wants to lecture for free, right? And who wants to attend a non-compulsory lecture, right?

Despite never having organised a pub quiz before and having only attended a handful, I hit the ball out the park, across the Atlantic, and into Disneyland, California. What I mean is; it was a humongous success. The first free lecture I did, which was actually a lecture-lecture, only drew in 13 students; think Trump’s inauguration. The pub quiz, however, drew in 60 students; think Obama’s inauguration. #YesWeCan #DumpTrump

Pub quiz attendees.
Pub quiz winners.

19th April – Harry and Meghan

Are you a royalist? No, nor am I. But I loved the wedding and was fortunate enough to watch it live from the British Ambassadors’ Official Residence right here in Beijing. Like I said before – get in those online groups! With nothing but my passport, I got to watch the wedding (to die for) and consume amazing free food and drink (also to die for).

31st April – Prince Andrew comes to town

As far as I can recall I’ve never been up-close to a member of the British royal family (their loss). Anyway, it just so happens that one of them, Prince Andrew, rocked up at my workplace. He was incredibly likeable, made several quips, and was generous with his time. What more could I ask for – except a selfie? #NextTime.

31st April – Blogging In Beijing

I’ve lacked the motivation to blog for many moons, but that all changed when I got sick for four days and wanted something productive to come out of it, and, when I met a bunch of other bloggers at an event for people who blog and live in Beijing. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it thrice – get in those online groups!

Pauline’s dress is gorgeous! And I loved her advice regarding blogging – don’t be shy post the uncomfortable stuff!

Bye bye time

In the words of Beiber – I know you love me – so here is where you can send fan mail to:

Queen of the Universe,







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2 thoughts on “Beijing – months 7, 8, and 9

  1. Hi Lettice, thanks for all your amazing and very amusing info, sounds like you’re still having a ball in Beijing, long may it continue for you my lovely😍👍
    Was it a deliberate error to put 31 days in April, have you forgotten the little mantra…..30 days hath September etc??!

    Keep up the good work and having fun and learning, learning all the time😍😍😍💋


    1. Hello! Hahaha I never learnt that mantra very well. I think I missed school that day! Thanks for your kind comment. Yeah, Beijing is keeping me busy, which I like. I am here for at least another year so hopefully I can find even more activities to keep me busy! ❤


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