Beijing – Month 10 – Global Wellness Day

It’s hard to judge how good an event will be before you’ve attended it. Little did I know that Say Yes To Global Wellness Day 2018, held on June 9th, was going to be fantastic!

Organised by Growthbeans Coaching Circle, Say Yes To Global Wellness Day is an annual event, coinciding with Global Wellness Day, which seeks to help people live well and improve their mind, body and soul. For a minuscule sum of just 50RMB (£5) there were 15 classes to choose from throughout the day.

I choose six classes, namely: Laughter Yoga by Giannina Cornea; Kundalini Tantra Yoga by Andreia Peres; Use Sound to Sooth Your Emotions by Wang Lei; Increase Energy, Enhance Well-Being by Ruth Novales; and Stress Management with Mindfulness Meditation by Nathalie Dorbes Dansette.

Global Wellness Day 2018 Laughter Yoga
Laughter Yoga class. Here you can see me saying “hello” to another participant using body language.
Global Wellness Day 2018 Sound Healing
Use Sound to Sooth Your Emotions class. Here you can see all the participants lying down while the instructor, Wang Lei, plays healing blows in the background.

Each class was between 60 to 90 minutes long, which was sufficient time for the instructor to introduce the class, run the activity, and answer questions at the end. The only problem was deciding which classes to choose as there were so many amazing options!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Say Yes To Global Wellness Day 2018. It reminded how much fun laughter yoga is, how much bliss meditation brings me, and how essential healthy eating is. By the end of the day I fully believed the slogan on the event banner: “One day, can change, your whole life!”

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