How to Reduce Hair Loss

What are the causes of hair loss and how can you combat them in a natural way?

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Aging is normal and I’m no way against it. However… I like my hair a lot and I would like to keep as much of it as possible! 😉

During my first year in China I began to notice that the hair around my forehead was thinning. I decided instead of falling into a heap and crying uncontrollably I’d identify the potential culprits.


My list of possible causes of hair loss looked like this:

  1. Aging
  2. Shower water
  3. Shampoo and conditioner
  4. Face wash (it touches my hair line when I wash my face)
  5. Hair styles


  1. I accepted aging could be a cause and moved on.
  2. I bought a shower filter to remove the chemicals from the water I wash my hair with.
  3. I replaced my cheap, chemical heavy, shampoo and conditioner for natural, homemade, alternatives.
  4. Similar to point 3 I exchanged my store bought face wash for a simple skincare routine with only 3 natural ingredients.
  5. I rarely style my hair in ponytails or buns so that wasn’t an issue. I just made sure to avoid hair spray and kept my hair plaited.


Luckily, after taking these measures I saw regrowth around my forehead. In short, I found installing a shower filter and using natural products aided regrowth most. After just two months of having the shower filter and using natural products the patches around my forehead began to fill in.


Thanks for reading my post!



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