Visiting the Best Spa in Beijing

Thank goodness for competitions! Without them I wouldn’t own a 1.5 metre tall Christmas tree; have tried floatation therapy; or had a free head, neck and shoulder massage at Kocoon Spa last month.

My cheap ass has only ever had one massage before. Back in the summer of 2017 when it was my mum’s birthday I wanted to get her a gift that was also a gift for me (because that’s how gift giving works). So we each had a 30 minute massage. Very nice indeed.

Fast forward to March 2019 and I win a competition by GloberWeb and get to have another massage. Yay! Usually, things like this (massages – not winning competition – I seem to be lucky in Beijing #humblebrag) don’t happen to me often AND I want to be YouTube famous so I filmed my trip to Kocoon Spa. You can watch it below #luckyyou

Published by Lettice

Lettice is an avid traveller, volunteer and writer. Follow her blogs for tips on where to go, what to do, and how to get there.

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