I never start a holiday, even a backpacking one, with the intention of going hiking. Hiking is hard work and my dream holiday involves no work harder than sitting on a beach drinking fresh coconut water. However it would seem every time I travel I end up going hiking. When I travelled around South America I did four hikes.Continue reading “TRAVEL: TIGER LEAPING GORGE”

China – Week 15

I’m getting closer and closer to leaving my city and heading out into the great unknown-to-me, aka South China. I’ll be honest I’m nervous. I don’t speak Chinese and it’s not an easy language I can fake my way through like Spanish. Once I’ve left the city limits and reached my first destination I’m sureContinue reading “China – Week 15”

China – Week 14

After feeling unwell for more than a week I finally feel better – better enough to publish a blog post and start planning some travelling! Now that the first semester is over I have 5 weeks to myself and I want to spend it backpacking in South China. But before that adventure begins I want to catch upContinue reading “China – Week 14”