My YouTube Channel Sucks

It’s official – my YouTube channel is riddled with flaws. My dreams of being a famous YouTuber like Zoella, Philip DeFranco, or Jenna Marbles has gone out the window. Alas! All is not lost for I consulted an expert and he said to me I can rectify my mistakes. Must I remain famous only toContinue reading “My YouTube Channel Sucks”

My 1st Mail Time in China

Who doesn’t like receiving post? Well, the good kind of post at least – letters from friends, birthday cards filled with cheques, and clothes you’ve ordered from I’m super lucky to occasionally receive post from former students who have now become my friends. Just last month I received honey made by my friend’s greatContinue reading “My 1st Mail Time in China”

Visiting the Best Spa in Beijing

Thank goodness for competitions! Without them I wouldn’t own a 1.5 metre tall Christmas tree; have tried floatation therapy; or had a free head, neck and shoulder massage at Kocoon Spa last month. My cheap ass has only ever had one massage before. Back in the summer of 2017 when it was my mum’s birthdayContinue reading “Visiting the Best Spa in Beijing”

Forever 21 Shuts Down in China

For years Forever 21 has been one of my favourite high street shops. Not only are the clothes stylish but the prices and quality are good too. So imagine my disappointment when I heard Forever 21 will close its online stores and some of its physical stores in China. I had to instantly go toContinue reading “Forever 21 Shuts Down in China”

Ordering Pizza in China

Recently I learnt how to order food using an app called Eleme. Until two weeks ago I only got food via supermarkets and restaurants but now I’m living in 2019 like everyone else and I’m not leaving my house if there’s an app that can help me. Like any living creature with taste buds –Continue reading “Ordering Pizza in China”

Staff-less Shops

Staff-less convenience stores have been popping up across China since 2017. Novelty These little shipping-container-sized stores don’t have any staff inside and they don’t accept cash. Entrance To get inside you have to use an app called WeChat which verifies your name and phone number so you can’t run away with any of the goods.Continue reading “Staff-less Shops”