EVS Week 21 – Farewell

I’ve been back in the UK less than 48 hours and I already miss Austria! Thanks to Jugend:info Nö, Campus and City Radio 94.4 and the other great people I met, my European Voluntary Service (EVS) experience was fantastic. I would do it all again in a heartbeat, and if you want to contribute to aContinue reading “EVS Week 21 – Farewell”

Episode 9: Arun & European Voluntary Service in Austria

In Episode 9 of Volunteer Stories I talk to Arun from India. Arun lost his father early in his life. Even though he enrolled himself in a hostel facility which supports disadvantaged children, the burden was on him to support his mother and three siblings. Luckily Arun found the Dream a Dream foundation and things beganContinue reading “Episode 9: Arun & European Voluntary Service in Austria”

EVS Week 20 – The Best Day Ever

To say I am lucky is an understatement. Austria, my volunteer placement at Jugend:info Nö, my accommodation, my friends, and my main hobby – Campus and City Radio 94.4, have all been incredible. And to top it off I had the best day ever on Friday! On Tuesday 28th June my colleague Gerda made aContinue reading “EVS Week 20 – The Best Day Ever”

EVS Week 16 – World No Tobacco Day

Hallo! Week 16 was primarily about World No Tobacco Day but I also fit in a few other things! On Monday 30th May I attended a play about refugees by The Silent Majority. The play involved over 30 refugees. It was really interesting to watch and at the end they did a Q and AContinue reading “EVS Week 16 – World No Tobacco Day”

EVS Week 15 – I interviewed a band!

Hallo! I’m still recovering from Week 15 as it was super busy! Here is what I got up to: On Monday I saw She and The Junkies and The Coronas at Chelsea Bar in Vienna. She and The Junkies are from St Pölten and The Coronas are from Dublin. She and The Junkies gave 1Continue reading “EVS Week 15 – I interviewed a band!”

EVS Week 14 – Summer is here!

Hallo! Week 14 was a short week as Monday was a public holiday. Public holidays, of which Austria has many, are great for doing activities and travelling! During the week I edited videos, attended an online German lesson, watched a singing competition, and visited Campus and City Radio 94.4. I visit Campus and City RadioContinue reading “EVS Week 14 – Summer is here!”

Episode 4: Winnie, Damir & Kiryl

In Episode 4 of Volunteer Stories I interview my neighbours! My neighbours Winnie, Damir and Kiryl are volunteering in Austria through the European Voluntary Service (EVS) like me! Winnie is from France and lives in the same flat as me; Damir is from the Russian Federation and lives in the flat next to me; and KirylContinue reading “Episode 4: Winnie, Damir & Kiryl”

EVS Week 12 – Isolation Berlin

Hallo, Week 12 was full of meetings and a gig! My first meeting was about The Filter Europe. Using Skype, colleagues from 5 different countries discussed organising a training event for young people. The training will take place in Romania in July. For more information visit The Filter Europe website. My second meeting was atContinue reading “EVS Week 12 – Isolation Berlin”

EVS Week 9 – Reisalpe

Hallo! Below is a summary of my ninth week as an EVS volunteer at Jugend:info Nö in Austria. At the beginning of the week I wrote an article for the next issue of 14-24 Magazine and finished editing a video about the Filter Europe training event in Vienna (below). I also planned future projects includingContinue reading “EVS Week 9 – Reisalpe”

Episode 2: Oliver & European Voluntary Service in Wales

Episode 2 of Volunteer Stories features Oliver from St. Valetin in Austria. Oliver talks about his European Voluntary Service (EVS) placement in Wales with Ash Wales. Ash Wales is the leading organisation working for a smokefree Wales. Oliver volunteered with Ash Wales for 10 months. In the interview Oliver talks about why he decided to do EVS, whatContinue reading “Episode 2: Oliver & European Voluntary Service in Wales”

EVS Week 8 – TV Studio

Hallo, Wie geht’s? Ich hoffe es geht euch gut. Mir geht’s sehr gut. During Week 8 I enjoyed the lovely sunny weather, visit a TV Studio, and attended two meetings. I made the most of the good weather at the weekend and during the week by doing lots of cycling along the River Traisen. OnContinue reading “EVS Week 8 – TV Studio”

EVS Week 6 – A little bit extra

This week has been short but busy. My highlight was recording the first episode of my new radio show; Volunteer Stories. I was rather nervous but the show went well. My guest Georgina (pictured) had lots of volunteering stories to share and the songs provided by Third Party Incidents, Red Cable Sunday, and Feature Creep wereContinue reading “EVS Week 6 – A little bit extra”