Episode 14: Sri Lankan Orphanage & Romanian Care Home

Episode 14 of Volunteer Stories features Aimee from Scotland. Aimee has volunteered at an orphanage in Sri Lanka and at Love Light Romania – a care home for adults with HIV/AIDS in Romania. This week’s episode features music by The Winterbourne Project. If you would like to be on an episode of Volunteer Stories pleaseContinue reading “Episode 14: Sri Lankan Orphanage & Romanian Care Home”

Episode 13: Aaron Maine

Episode 13 of Volunteer Stories features Aaron Maine from the American band Porches. In the interview Aaron talks about their new album “Pool”, social media and touring in Europe. This week’s episode features music by Porches. If you would like to be on an episode of Volunteer Stories please email office@cr944.at. You can follow Volunteer StoriesContinue reading “Episode 13: Aaron Maine”

Episode 12: Social Work

Volunteer Stories is a one hour show every fortnight where I interview people about their voluntary work and play songs by musicians who have volunteering experience. This week’s show features Maria and Matthew who are studying social work at FH St. Pölten in Austria. Both of them have done lots of volunteering including being an entertainment coordinator at a retirement home, being a library assistant, doing street work with young people, and supporting disabled people complete daily tasks, find work, and go on holiday.

Episode 11: Calum & International Citizen Service in Zimbabwe

In Episode 11 of Volunteer Stories I interview Calum about being a Peer Mentor and Sports Ambassador at school; making jam and up-cycling at university to support homeless charities; and volunteering on an International Citizen Service project in Zimbabwe. Music Episode 11 features music from the Pandemonium Drummers, With Sun, Kasovicious and VSO Nigeria. LinksContinue reading “Episode 11: Calum & International Citizen Service in Zimbabwe”

Episode 10: London 2012

Four years after volunteering in the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games I’m doing a special episode all about it! In fact, the idea for Volunteer Stories came from all of the volunteers I met during London 2012. In Episode 10 of Volunteer Stories I interviewed four volunteers: First I interview Denis (top left)Continue reading “Episode 10: London 2012”

EVS Week 21 – Farewell

I’ve been back in the UK less than 48 hours and I already miss Austria! Thanks to Jugend:info Nö, Campus and City Radio 94.4 and the other great people I met, my European Voluntary Service (EVS) experience was fantastic. I would do it all again in a heartbeat, and if you want to contribute to aContinue reading “EVS Week 21 – Farewell”

Episode 9: Arun & European Voluntary Service in Austria

In Episode 9 of Volunteer Stories I talk to Arun from India. Arun lost his father early in his life. Even though he enrolled himself in a hostel facility which supports disadvantaged children, the burden was on him to support his mother and three siblings. Luckily Arun found the Dream a Dream foundation and things beganContinue reading “Episode 9: Arun & European Voluntary Service in Austria”

EVS Week 20 – The Best Day Ever

To say I am lucky is an understatement. Austria, my volunteer placement at Jugend:info Nö, my accommodation, my friends, and my main hobby – Campus and City Radio 94.4, have all been incredible. And to top it off I had the best day ever on Friday! On Tuesday 28th June my colleague Gerda made aContinue reading “EVS Week 20 – The Best Day Ever”

EVS Week 19 – Donauinselfest

Hallo Week 19 included editing videos and lots of music! The first video I edited was an interview with three European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteers. The interview was from episode 4 of Volunteer Stories which was recorded in May. The video only contains the questions that were about EVS. To hear the full interview, whichContinue reading “EVS Week 19 – Donauinselfest”

Episode 8: St. Pölten Skate Association

I was excited about Episode 8 of Volunteer Stories for weeks! Finally I got to interview St. Pölten Skate Association. I think it’s super cool that their association is run by volunteers. Founded by Markus Fanninger in 2011 St. Pölten Skate Association works for the benefit of local skateboarders and the skateboarding scene. Its three mainContinue reading “Episode 8: St. Pölten Skate Association”

EVS Week 18 – Neuland Für Alle

Hallo! Week 18 was busy – so busy it’s making Week 19 feel boring! Here’s what happened: On Saturday 11th June I attended the third round of “Das Größte Talent” competition which my friend Barbara was competing in. Barbara’s performance was amazing – and I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend. Her performanceContinue reading “EVS Week 18 – Neuland Für Alle”

Episode 6: Horse & Sheep

In Episode 6 of Volunteer Stories I interview Maggy and Markus who have both volunteered on farms. Maggy contacted Campus and City Radio 94.4 saying she wanted to be on Volunteer Stories. I was super excited to have someone request to be on the show! It was the first time someone had asked. In 2015 MaggyContinue reading “Episode 6: Horse & Sheep”