EVS Week 20 – The Best Day Ever

To say I am lucky is an understatement. Austria, my volunteer placement at Jugend:info Nö, my accommodation, my friends, and my main hobby – Campus and City Radio 94.4, have all been incredible. And to top it off I had the best day ever on Friday! On Tuesday 28th June my colleague Gerda made aContinue reading “EVS Week 20 – The Best Day Ever”

EVS Week 16 – World No Tobacco Day

Hallo! Week 16 was primarily about World No Tobacco Day but I also fit in a few other things! On Monday 30th May I attended a play about refugees by The Silent Majority. The play involved over 30 refugees. It was really interesting to watch and at the end they did a Q and AContinue reading “EVS Week 16 – World No Tobacco Day”

EVS Week 12 – Isolation Berlin

Hallo, Week 12 was full of meetings and a gig! My first meeting was about The Filter Europe. Using Skype, colleagues from 5 different countries discussed organising a training event for young people. The training will take place in Romania in July. For more information visit The Filter Europe website. My second meeting was atContinue reading “EVS Week 12 – Isolation Berlin”

EVS Week 11 – Volunteer Stories

Hallo! Week 11 consisted of video editing and hosting Episode 3 of Volunteer Stories. Editing two videos for Rumtrieb and Jugend:info kept me very busy. The videos were about the services both organisations offer and recruiting participants for the Filter Europe project. You can watch the videos below. Volunteer Stories is my fortnightly radio showContinue reading “EVS Week 11 – Volunteer Stories”

EVS Week 9 – Reisalpe

Hallo! Below is a summary of my ninth week as an EVS volunteer at Jugend:info Nö in Austria. At the beginning of the week I wrote an article for the next issue of 14-24 Magazine and finished editing a video about the Filter Europe training event in Vienna (below). I also planned future projects includingContinue reading “EVS Week 9 – Reisalpe”

EVS Week 8 – A little bit extra

This week I wrote an article for 14-24 magazin, finished a video about the Filter Europe training event in Austria, and hosted the second episode of Volunteer Stories. 14-24 magazin The 14-24 magazin is sent out to 30,000 young people in Lower Austria quarterly. I was asked to write an article about my European VoluntaryContinue reading “EVS Week 8 – A little bit extra”

EVS Week 7 – Volunteer Stories

Hallo, Wie geht’s? Ich hoffe es geht euch gut. Mir geht’s sehr gut. Week 7 was a short week due to Monday being a holiday. My main activities this week were video editing, printing, German lessons, and hosting the first episode of my new radio show; Volunteer Stories! I began the week by editing theContinue reading “EVS Week 7 – Volunteer Stories”

EVS Week 1 – Welcome to Jugend:info NÖ

Hallo My name is Lettice. I am from Wales, in the United Kingdom (UK). For seven months I am volunteering at Jugend:info Nö through the European Voluntary Service (EVS). I arrived in Austria on Monday 15th February 2016. During my first week I: met the staff at Jugend:info Nö met Eviva the office dog! metContinue reading “EVS Week 1 – Welcome to Jugend:info NÖ”