Guizhou | Second semester teaching English in China

This week there’s a two-day national holiday in China so what better time to catch up with my blog than now! I’m condensing February and March into one post as most of February was my winter vacation which I talk about in these posts: Guide to Kunming – China’s city of eternal spring; Sanya – China’s Hawaii; YuanYangContinue reading “Guizhou | Second semester teaching English in China”

Guizhou | Chinese Tea Art

I don’t need to tell you that tea is an art in China and like building great walls they know what they’re doing. Today I visited my friend’s tea shop and she demonstrated the basic steps and let me, Aimee and James have a try. 1. Wash the bowls Using boiling water (100 degrees centigrade) theContinue reading “Guizhou | Chinese Tea Art”

China – Week 11

Sunday 20th November Myself and the other foreign teachers were invited to dinner by an American couple who have lived in Duyun for over 20 years. They have raised two children, taught English, and started a cattle farm during that time. They also recently adopted two kittens which are so cute that I started toContinue reading “China – Week 11”

China – Week 9

The weather is getting seriously chilly in China and central heating is a facility based on geographic location. Jiang Yi details the reasons why North China has central heating and South China doesn’t. To find out whether I have central heating and what I was up to last week read on… Tuesday 7th November After teaching aContinue reading “China – Week 9”

China – Week 8

A word about our sponsor This week’s post is brought to you by the best jacket in town – Kate Moss and some pizza sllces. I can’t wait to see what other jackets make an appearance this season as the temperature decreases.   Back to our normal programming Routine? Stress? I don’t know why, but for someContinue reading “China – Week 8”

China – Week 7

Week 7 did not go as planned. It was meant to be filled with playing lots of sports but on Wednesday disaster struck. Sunday 23rd October Sunny, a Broadcasting student, invited me, Aimee and Stephen to be interviewed by the Broadcasting Society. They wanted to know about our experience in China so far and howContinue reading “China – Week 7”

China – Week 6

This week has been exhausting but fun!   Sunday 16th October Today I started lesson planning for my new subject – Tourism English. I teach it to four classes. There are approximately 60 students in each class. The students are seniors (final year) so their English level is very high. It’s an interesting subject whereContinue reading “China – Week 6”

China – Week 5

Where is the time going! This past week is a blur but luckily I remember enough to tell you this: Sunday 9th October The novelty of marking has worn off. Its gleam lasted no longer than the sparkle of receiving a pair of socks at Christmas. The students will find themselves marking each other’s homeworkContinue reading “China – Week 5”

China – Week 4

I feel tired so this week’s post will be brief. Sunday 2nd October I noticed a circus was in town. I wanted to find out the ticket prices and performance times so Aimee and I visited the box office. And guess what happened? We got in for free (foreigner discount) and the show started soon after. DreamsContinue reading “China – Week 4”

China – Week 3

Currently it’s Golden Week so I’m on holiday for one week. Lots of people go travelling during Golden Week. When I say lots I mean 11 million people! I’m staying in Duyun as my Chinese is not sufficient enough to get me anywhere else. I’ll write about the adventure I have during Golden Week nextContinue reading “China – Week 3”

China – Week 2

Hello My second week in China has been good despite having a tummy bug. This is what I got up too:   Sunday 18th September All the UK English teachers went to campus to fill in some paperwork. Then I placed lots of books on our new bookshelves in the Foreign Teachers’ Office. In theContinue reading “China – Week 2”

China – Week 1

I can’t believe I’m in China! It still seems unreal. Luckily everything is going well thanks to everyone being so nice. Here is a rundown of what I have done in my first week:   Monday 12th September Ethan, a Peace Corps volunteer, showed me and my flatmate Aimee around the city. We saw the localContinue reading “China – Week 1”