EVS Week 21 – Farewell

I’ve been back in the UK less than 48 hours and I already miss Austria! Thanks to Jugend:info Nö, Campus and City Radio 94.4 and the other great people I met, my European Voluntary Service (EVS) experience was fantastic. I would do it all again in a heartbeat, and if you want to contribute to aContinue reading “EVS Week 21 – Farewell”

EVS Week 18 – Neuland Für Alle

Hallo! Week 18 was busy – so busy it’s making Week 19 feel boring! Here’s what happened: On Saturday 11th June I attended the third round of “Das Größte Talent” competition which my friend Barbara was competing in. Barbara’s performance was amazing – and I’m not just saying that because she’s my friend. Her performanceContinue reading “EVS Week 18 – Neuland Für Alle”

EVS Week 17 – Summer Party

Hallo und herzlich willkommen! I hope this blog is inspiring you to consider being an EVS volunteer if you’re not already. Through EVS you can have lots of fun, make new friends, and gain new skills. For more information about EVS visit the European Youth Portal. Youth is up to 30 years old and you don’tContinue reading “EVS Week 17 – Summer Party”

EVS Week 12 – Isolation Berlin

Hallo, Week 12 was full of meetings and a gig! My first meeting was about The Filter Europe. Using Skype, colleagues from 5 different countries discussed organising a training event for young people. The training will take place in Romania in July. For more information visit The Filter Europe website. My second meeting was atContinue reading “EVS Week 12 – Isolation Berlin”

Episode 3: Conny & Scouting

Episode 3 of Volunteer Stories sees Conny talk about her experience volunteering as a Scout Leader for 6 years in Vienna, Austria. During the interview Conny and I discuss the types of activities Scouts do, what skills you gain from being a Scout, what the best camp-fire food is, and Conny’s favourite Scouting memories. I was delightedContinue reading “Episode 3: Conny & Scouting”

EVS Week 9 – A little bit extra

Having finished my sugar fast on Sunday 17th April this week was sweet – very sweet as I made sure to make up for all the missed chocolate and biscuits! But the fast wasn’t completely in vain as I learnt some useful lessons:   The weekend I made the most of the good weather atContinue reading “EVS Week 9 – A little bit extra”

EVS Week 8 – TV Studio

Hallo, Wie geht’s? Ich hoffe es geht euch gut. Mir geht’s sehr gut. During Week 8 I enjoyed the lovely sunny weather, visit a TV Studio, and attended two meetings. I made the most of the good weather at the weekend and during the week by doing lots of cycling along the River Traisen. OnContinue reading “EVS Week 8 – TV Studio”

EVS Week 6 – Bärlouch

Servus, This week was filled with Bärlouch, bike riding and Easter! On Wednesday 23rd March, my mentor Alex took me Bärlouch picking. Bärlouch, called Wild Garlic in English, is a popular herb available in Spring. We picked Bärlouch in the woods along the River Traisen and then made it into a pesto using oil andContinue reading “EVS Week 6 – Bärlouch”

My New Radio Show!

  Campus & City Radio 94.4 has added a new, hour-long show to its lineup: Volunteer Stories. A lively mix of guest interviews and indie music Volunteer Stories sees Lettice Wigby interview people about their voluntary work and play songs by musicians who have volunteering experience. Having volunteer for fifteen years in six countries Lettice was attractedContinue reading “My New Radio Show!”

EVS Week 2 – The Filter Project

Hallo, Wie geht’s? I hope you’re well. I’m very well as last week was really fun and busy. On Monday 22nd February I attended a meeting at a Youth Centre called Steppenwolf. At the meeting youth workers discussed what they are working on and how they can support each other. Due to my lack ofContinue reading “EVS Week 2 – The Filter Project”

EVS Week 1 – Welcome to Jugend:info NÖ

Hallo My name is Lettice. I am from Wales, in the United Kingdom (UK). For seven months I am volunteering at Jugend:info Nö through the European Voluntary Service (EVS). I arrived in Austria on Monday 15th February 2016. During my first week I: met the staff at Jugend:info Nö met Eviva the office dog! metContinue reading “EVS Week 1 – Welcome to Jugend:info NÖ”