Free Teacher’s Apartment in Beijing

In this post you can see my new apartment in Beijing, China.

Returning to China during coronavirus outbreak

I talk about returning to China and living in quarantine for two weeks.

Beijing – Week 4

Hello, This week was my first week teaching. I taught eight classes (four writing and four speaking) in three days (Monday to Wednesday). To say I was tired by Thursday is an understatement. In fact, I was so tired on Thursday that I had to quit my Chinese class – the one I only joinedContinue reading “Beijing – Week 4”

Beijing – Week 3

Nothing was going well last week so I refrained from writing a blog post. This week thankfully things are going much better and as of Wednesday 13th September I started to enjoy living in Beijing. I joined a speech club, started Chinese lessons, won a free ticket to a Pizza Festival, and got an airContinue reading “Beijing – Week 3”

Guizhou | Second semester teaching English in China

This week there’s a two-day national holiday in China so what better time to catch up with my blog than now! I’m condensing February and March into one post as most of February was my winter vacation which I talk about in these posts: Guide to Kunming – China’s city of eternal spring; Sanya – China’s Hawaii; YuanYangContinue reading “Guizhou | Second semester teaching English in China”