EVS Week 19 – Donauinselfest

Hallo Week 19 included editing videos and lots of music! The first video I edited was an interview with three European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteers. The interview was from episode 4 of Volunteer Stories which was recorded in May. The video only contains the questions that were about EVS. To hear the full interview, whichContinue reading “EVS Week 19 – Donauinselfest”

EVS Week 17 – Summer Party

Hallo und herzlich willkommen! I hope this blog is inspiring you to consider being an EVS volunteer if you’re not already. Through EVS you can have lots of fun, make new friends, and gain new skills. For more information about EVS visit the European Youth Portal. Youth is up to 30 years old and you don’tContinue reading “EVS Week 17 – Summer Party”

EVS Week 16 – World No Tobacco Day

Hallo! Week 16 was primarily about World No Tobacco Day but I also fit in a few other things! On Monday 30th May I attended a play about refugees by The Silent Majority. The play involved over 30 refugees. It was really interesting to watch and at the end they did a Q and AContinue reading “EVS Week 16 – World No Tobacco Day”

EVS Week 8 – TV Studio

Hallo, Wie geht’s? Ich hoffe es geht euch gut. Mir geht’s sehr gut. During Week 8 I enjoyed the lovely sunny weather, visit a TV Studio, and attended two meetings. I made the most of the good weather at the weekend and during the week by doing lots of cycling along the River Traisen. OnContinue reading “EVS Week 8 – TV Studio”